Automated Reminders and Goal Tracking

Article originally appeared on 52 Week Blog

I love goals.

I try to keep them big and measurable.

For my daily reminders and tracking, I’ve implemented a few systems that seem to work really well.


When it comes to automation, I use IFTTT, an app that automates actions between apps and other online services.

For example, every morning I start my day by writing in Evernote. I use IFTTT to create a journal layout for myself every day within Evernote and then fill in the blanks. It’s everything from the big three items I want to accomplish every day, to what I’m grateful for. Getting the layout added into Evernote automatically at 5AM makes getting my writing done in the morning that much easier.

I also use IFTTT to keep myself rolling through my morning routine. Every day the app pushes my morning to-do list to Slack, a workplace chat tool that we use at Cave. There, I get a message with a reminder to do the 5 or 6 things on my morning to-do list. It only takes me 30 minutes or so to get through those items, and then I’m off to work.


As for tracking, I have a few apps that I really love. Productive is great if you want to keep a recurring to-do list — things that you want to see done every day. Personally, I keep a long list of things that I’d like to knock off daily within the app. Everything from flossing to reading is included in my daily to-dos. I check in midday and in the evening to see what else I can accomplish — it’s a great way to remember to do the tasks that you may have otherwise put off.

Finally, this year, I’ve started using a new app called Momentum. It’s similar to Productive, but it offers a much higher level view of your goals. If you love measuring your productivity, download it now. You can zoom out and look at your year as a whole, which lets me know whether I’m doing enough to be hitting my goals.

All of this tracking and reminding may seem overwhelming. I’m sure it would be way too much for most people. But for me, it’s really just the gamification of my goals. I love games, whether it be tennis or Scrabble. They make the hard things like learning and exercising fun, which for me is definitely the path to success.




I write about social media, marketing, business, and creativity on Medium. If you like advertising, you’ll dig my newsletter:

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Justin Kerby

Justin Kerby

I write about social media, marketing, business, and creativity on Medium. If you like advertising, you’ll dig my newsletter:

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