4 Things To Know About LinkedIn Advertising

4 Things To Know About LinkedIn Advertising

The numbers don’t lie. In 2018 LinkedIn struggled to reach $2 billion in advertising revenue , while Facebook surpassed $13 billion in just the third quarter. That’s a big gap to close.

One of the reasons Facebook has been able to hit such big numbers is because of the number of people using the platform. With over 1.5 billion daily active users and 7 million monthly active advertisers, Facebook dwarfs LinkedIn in terms of size.

There’s another important reason that advertisers are so quick to put their ad dollars into a Facebook campaign, and it has nothing to do with audience size. Historically, Facebook has made it easier to run ads than LinkedIn — but that’s changing.

In the past, LinkedIn ads were hard to put together, hard to gather data from and limited in terms of targeting options. Slowly but surely, that’s changing. LinkedIn has become a fantastic tool to help grow your business, with multiple types of campaigns to choose from.

LinkedIn’s targeting options are growing more robust every quarter. Here’s what you should know about their advertising platform.

1. Geo-Targeting Is Available

The number one question we get about LinkedIn advertising is how the geo-targeting works. It’s not as focused as the geo-targeting on Google or Facebook, but you can target most major cities within the USA and Canada. You can target people who live in those locations permanently or people who’ve visited recently.

2. The Audience Attributes Are Great

This is one of the major benefits of using LinkedIn’s Advertising platform. If you’re in B2B sales and are interested in reaching decision makers in a specific industry or at a specific company, LinkedIn might be the perfect tool for your marketing plan.

A few of the attributes you can target:

-Company (Company Connections, Company Follower of, Company Industries, Company Names, Company Size)

-Demographics (Gender, Age)

-Education (Degrees, Fields of Study, Member Schools)

-Job Experience (Job Functions, Job Seniorities, Job Titles, member Skills, Years of Experience)

-Interests (Member Groups, Member Interests)

You can also exclude people who match any attributes you set. We’d recommend selecting a maximum of two or three attributes when doing your targeting to keep your audience a decent size. You don’t want your audience to be too broad or too specific.

3. There Are Multiple Ad Formats To Choose From

Long gone are the days of only sidebar ads on LinkedIn. Advertisers can now choose from a variety of ad formats to make a big impact on their audience. Match your ad format to your overall goals. You can choose from single image ads, carousel ads, video ads, and much more. Other formats include:

-Follower Ads

-Spotlight Ads

-Message Ads

4. Small Budgets Still Aren’t Welcome

On Facebook, you can advertise your offering no matter how small your budget (to an extent). On LinkedIn, things are still a bit more challenging for small budgets. Your minimum daily spend on LinkedIn is $10, so if you’d like to run a campaign for a month you’ll need to commit $300 to efforts. Bids can be set for cost per click or cost per thousand impressions.

While Facebook ads might still be dominating in terms of ad revenue, LinkedIn is making strides. Their campaign manager is becoming easier to use every month, and B2B marketers, in particular, should be testing campaigns on the platform.

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By Justin Kerby.

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I write about social media, marketing, business, and creativity on Medium. If you like advertising, you’ll dig my newsletter: https://bit.ly/33L1unf

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Justin Kerby

Justin Kerby

I write about social media, marketing, business, and creativity on Medium. If you like advertising, you’ll dig my newsletter: https://bit.ly/33L1unf

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